Special Notice

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SPECIAL NOTICE: See the new "Special Events Info" button for upcoming community events.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Per the Houston County Sheriffs Department, homeowners can only launch or shoot fireworks from their property. In any case, fireworks cannot be launched or shot into or over a public street. There are also specific hour limitations on when fireworks can be launched or shot.

NOTICE #1: Vehicle parking should only be in an area that is specifically designed for parking. Vehicle parking is not allowed in the street overnight, on unimproved lots, on HOA maintained common areas, or on golf course property.

NOTICE #2: Only street legal vehicles can be operated on Statham's Landing streets and the driver must have a valid drivers license and use the required safety equipment.

NOTICE #3: Fishing by guests can only be on the property of the homeowner who grants permission to fish. For etiquette, vehicles of fishing quests should be parked in the driveway or along the curb of the residence of the granting homeowner. Fishing from golf course property is not allowed.

NOTICE #4: Except on collection day, all trash receptacles should be screened or stored where they are not on public view from the residence frontage street.

NOTICE #5: A home occupation business that is visible to other homeowners in any way requires approval by the HOA Board prior to commencing the home occupation.

NOTICE #6: Because of liability considerations, no dirt bikes or vehicles of any type are allowed on the course, whether open or closed.

NOTICE #7: Please submit a Project Approval Request Form to the ACCC Committee prior to commencing any alteration to the existing exterior of a residence.

MAILBOX DOOR REPAIR - A neat and simple way to repair or replace a broken or missing mailbox door (including instructional video) can be found at: http://bayshoremailboxco.com/

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