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Welcome to Stathams Landing Community Site

Welcome to the Web site specifically for Statham’s Landing residents.

Let this site be your virtual gateway your neighborhood and the Robins Region. We encourage you to use this web site for the valuable and timely information it offers about your neighborhood - add us to your list of favorites or make it your homepage!

We will post the “Statham’s Sampler” on this website, but you will also receive it via email or a printed copy. Please be sure to give your email address to your area representative. I welcome your input – family news, local charity events, special interest clubs, etc. We have 475 homes in Statham’s and Woodfield – more than some of our small towns in Georgia – so there have to be lots of stories to tell! Just click on “Submit News” to get started.

This website and the printing of the “Statham’s Sampler” are funded by our advertisers, not by the Homeowner’s Association, so please, when you use their services, let them know you saw them on the “Statham’s Page.

Contact Us if you have any questions.

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Statham's Landing
Maintenance & Improvement Assn, Inc.
PO Box 501
Bonaire GA 31005