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Except on collection day, trash receptacles shall be stored where they are not on public view from the front of the residence.

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Land Clearing
Posted on Friday, August 29 @ 09:15:41 (16 reads)
Announcements LAND CLEARING (South end of Robins AFB) - Homeowners should be aware that the land clearing that is/has occurred at the south end of the Robins AFB will likely result in the movement of creatures (raccoons, possums, snakes, etc.).  The closer a homeowner or person is to this land clearing, the more likely it will be to encounter these creatures.  All homeowners (and the walkers/runners) should remain vigilant. 
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Alligator Update
Posted on Friday, August 29 @ 09:15:12 (15 reads)
Announcements 30 Aug 14 Update - ALLIGATOR (and BEAR):  The homeowner at 123 Falcon Crest reports that the alligator was caught last night (29 Aug 14).   Also, this homeowner has reported seeing a bear in the past week.  Everyone should remain aware of the possible presence of a bear in the vicinity of 123 Falcon Crest.
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